Submission Guidelines

Do you have something to say about feminism, fiction, or life as a reader or writer of romance? We’d love to include your voice on Venus Scribe. Here are a few guidelines for you:


    1. Word Counts: Articles (academic, informative, etc.) and blog posts 300-500 words; Interviews 500-700 words; Personal Essays up to 1000 words; If you have something vastly over the word limit, perhaps it will make a good serial article. Let’s talk.
    2. Photos are welcome. If you don’t have any, properly licensed stock photos will be used to create graphics for your post.
    3. The editor reserves the right to make title changes and minimal rewording if necessary.
    4. Please browse the site before submitting to make sure your idea is unique.
    5. Fill out the form below including a brief query of your idea (the briefer the better, as long as it gets the point across), and a short bio to use as a byline should we publish your article. In the query, please include the length of time you think it will take you to write the article.
    6. We currently do not pay for articles. You’ll get a byline where you can post a link to your website, if you have one. You’ll also get a promotional post on our Facebook Page.
    7. Acceptance of a query doesn’t mean your article will automatically be published. If we do accept your query, we’ll send you some brief writing guidelines. If the quality of the article is good, and the content matches the query, we’ll gratefully accept and schedule it for publication.
    8. Thank you in advance for offering your words to our project. We hope Venus Scribe will evolve to be a haven for feminist and romance writers and readers everywhere.

Here are some ideas of what we’re looking for:

Author Interviews:
A monthly author interview including photos of the author’s workspace, books that impacted the author, tips/hints/wisdom on process and craft.
Product Reviews: 
This is NOT a book review site. I DO want to see reviews of books or services that you as an author have tried and loved (or not loved). Maybe you’ve tried a webinar series on Instagram marketing or a Writer’s Digest online class of some sort…reviews of any of those types of thing would be welcome.
Curated Content: 
This would be any top 5 or top 10 lists, or lists of helpful articles. Like, “Articles on Character Development that made me a better writer” or “Five Erotica Novels You Should Read Before Writing your next Sex Scene.”
Book Analysis:
I differentiate this from a book review because the articles I’d like to see will be geared towards writers. Maybe you just read a book where the sex was really done right (or wrong)…so write an article about it, why the scene was important to the story, what you learned as a writer reading that scene. Could be anything from the use of imagery, voice, humor…whatever impacted you as a writer.
Articles and Stories on Diversity:
Personal stories of diversity in fiction, tips on how to include diverse voices in your fiction, positive examples, the need for diversity in various aspects of the publishing industry.
Day In The Life:
Did you go on a research related trip? Have a really great day with your critique group? Just want to tell us about what your perfect day as a writer looks like? Blog about it!
Food, Fashion, Sex:
This is the “Fun” category. I’d love to see regular content that adds some fun to the site. For instance, if you’ve got a recipe in your novel, you could write a post with photos showing how to prepare it (and do a little self-promo while you’re at it). Or maybe you’re fashion savvy and would like to do a regular “dress a character” article. Pretty much anything that relates to the joy of being a woman and reading romance novels goes.

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