About Us

The concept for Venus Scribe started out from a rather selfish place. I wanted a platform to voice how I feel about being a creative woman, being an introvert woman, being a romance reader in the face of condescension from my peers, and my journey to becoming a romance author. You can read more about that here, but the evolution of that concept led to where we are today and what we hope to grow into–an online magazine for readers and writers of romance, a platform for creative women to share their voices, and a resource for women in the publishing industry.
Some of the goals of Venus Scribe include:
1. Sharing learning experiences and offering education related to the romance publishing industry.
2. Advancing the public dialogue of feminism especially as it relates to romance reading and writing.
3. Fostering an open community for romance readers and writers and creative women.


To read more about our contributors, click on one of their names below:

Carter Ashby

Danielle Bannister

LB Dunbar

M. Stratton